Short realisation times in series quality already
in the prototype stage is our daily routine

We build design and 1st samples in a wide variety of processes, sample i.e. pilot production as well as prototypes and are thereby in command in advance of a modifiable sample for testing. We can create perspective, functional or prototypes from series-identical materials according to corresponding demands.

Fascination for technology and the ambition to be continually better is what drives us on. Based upon decades of practical experience as system supplier, we possess a wide spectrum of experience and are therefore in the position to produce single items and prototypes in series quality.

Also those wishes for a quick and flexible production of single objects or prototypes by the customer are not impossible for us- well that is, up to a size of 3000mm x 3000mm (in one piece).

Depending on the area of application for the prototype, we create an initial sample, and also a modifiable functioning sample in series-identical materials. Preliminary tests and thereby more rapid market entry chances are the resulting outcome. |  | Sitemap |  All rights reserved. © 2008
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