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Rudolf Tobolla, Timo Tobolla

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Disclaimer / Liability for external links

In accordance with general law, Ernst Hombach GmbH & Co. KG is responsible as service providor, acc. to § 3 No.1, § 8 (1) of the German Act on the Utilisation of Teleservices (German TDG) (as of 14.12.2001) for its own information which is made available for usage.

The website presented by the aforementioned party contains own-content and additional material known as "links". These links lead to other material of which the aforementioned party has no control whatsoever. Links which connect to the contents of other website presenters are to be seen as foreign information and in no way whatsoever the content of Ernst Hombach GmbH & Co. KG.

The word "Links" here deals in all cases with "living" (dynamic) references. By the initial assignment thereof, Ernst Hombach GmbH & Co. KG inspected whether foreign content precipitates either a possible liability under civil law or under criminal law. According to the TDG, Ernst Hombach GmbH & Co. KG as service provider is however not obliged in any way whatsoever to monitor information, be it transferred or stored or for research purposes in any way whatsoever, which could indicate in any way unlawful activities (§ 8 (2) TDG).

Only when it has been ascertained or indicated thereof from a third party or parties that a concrete enticement be made through a link which can result thereby in a civil or criminal responsibility, the link to the said enticement or similar will be severed.

In detail; the TDG regulates the liability of the service provider as follows: Ernst Hombach GmbH & Co. KG is not responsible for the transfer of foreign Information, when Ernst Hombach GmbH & Co. KG (i) has not initiated it, (ii) has not selected the addressee for the transferred information and (iii) has not selected nor changed the transferred information (§ 9 (1) TDG).

Ernst Hombach GmbH & Co. KG is not responsible for automatic, time-limited intermediate storage of foreign information, when it (i) has not changed the information, (ii) adheres to the conditions for access to the information in question, (iii) adheres to the regulations for updating of the said information, which have been laid down in widely accepted and applied industrial standards, (iv) does nor hinder the usage of technologies for the collection of the said data through the use of information which is specified in widely recognised and used industrial standards, and (v) undertakes measures immediately to remove stored information or to block the access to it, as soon as Ernst Hombach GmbH & Co. KG has received knowledge thereof, that the information was removed from the network at the original place of dispersal of the said transfer or that access was blocked to it or a court of law or an administration authority had commanded the removal or blockage thereof (§ 10 TDG).

Ernst Hombach GmbH & Co. KG is not responsible for foreign information which it saves for a user, insofar as (i) it has no knowledge whatsoever about the unlawful action or the information and in the case of claims under damages, no facts or circumstances are known, from which said unlawful action or information becomes evident, or (ii) it undertakes immediate action to remove the information or to block the access thereof, as soon as the aforementioned knowledge has been obtained (§ 11 TDG). |  | Sitemap |  All rights reserved. © 2008