Precise realisation

In close cooperation with our customers


Customer-oriented consultation and implementation

The constructive implementation of the desired design in connection with the consideration of all requirements of the specification sheet occurs in close consultation with our customers.

Our development objective does not follow the constructive implementation in in-house processes here, but the respectively suitable technology choice for each component with regard to the greatest possible quality, efficiency and technical feasibility.


Innovation and passion

You will be accompanied by an
experienced project manager during all development stages, and the progress will be
monitored and adjusted.

The great readiness for innovation and the passion of our employees
prepare the path for unique, high-quality solutions with
highest reliability.


Know-how and state-of-the-art technologies

All constructions are realised on state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems. This guarantees a trouble-free data exchange even for demanding and comprehensive constructions. Our know-how of manufacturing technologies and materials provides professional support and development at the cutting edge of technology.


Best possible solutions

It is not the production process that is the focus for us here, but the best possible customised solutions with regard to quality, efficiency and technical feasibility.

For this, in addition to in-house production technologies such as Twin-Sheet-Forming and Thermoforming, Hombach has a broad supplier network to fall back on with almost all production processes from the metal and plastics processing industries known on the market, to be able to provide our customers with a comprehensive complete solution from one source as desired.


We perform different

However, our capabilities do not end with the series production of a product. Economical packaging and transport solutions, interactive assembly/service instructions and product improvements are only one part of our range of services.