The quality of our products and services forms the basis for high customer satisfaction.

In order to ensure this, our processes are defined in all areas.

We already start in the design and development phase of a project with the evaluation of risks/impacts, and an analysis of alternatives. We develop the best technological solutions, and focus on the best possible quality, in relation to competitive prices and timings.

We monitor all internal and customer specifications during all production steps up to delivery.






Extraordinary services for customers are primarily provided by employees and not machines. Our employees are know-how carriers / specialists and thus our most valuable “asset”.


We provide the following work environment for our employees including:

  • Clear and open communication and specified structures and processes
  • Fair and performance-linked remuneration
  • Compliance with/outperformance of all safety regulations, standards and legislation.
  • Promotion of personal responsibility of each employee incl. support for further training
  • State-of-the-art technologies and machines





We regard our suppliers as partners. We prefer local companies, particularly for products which demand the highest quality, flexibility and fast availability.

We maintain open and honest communication in this area as well, and choose our supplier not just based on economical points of view.

All rules, specifications and standards demanded by our customers and set by ourselves are a necessary basis for a long-term cooperation with our suppliers.










We are convinced that innovations and the use of the latest technologies are crucial to be successful on the market in the long-term, and to be able to always offer economical solutions to our customers.

For this reason, Hombach largely invests its profits into state-of-the-art machines, technologies and the further development of the company.

This secures workplaces for our employees long-term, and provides our customers with unique products and solutions.




We are very aware that our daily actions not only have an impact on our local environment.

Our aim is to minimise the effects as much as possible. Therefore, our ambition is to not only comply with standards and legislation, but to outperform them.

For this reason, we align our work, but also the development of new products and technologies with our own environmental policy (based on ISO 14001 and ISO 50001), which we continuously check and develop further.

Our “plastic waste” is recycled as much as possible, and re-processed to a high degree in-house to be turned into high-quality products.



Certifications & company policies

Hombach is certified in accordance with
DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and
DIN 6701-2 A2

Hombach commits itself, its employees and suppliers to compliance with the
HCoC (Hombach code of conduct)

Hombach has its own environmental policy, based on ISO 14001 and ISO 50001

All documents are available to you for download in our File-Area .