„Crane cover“
Outer covers for mobile cranes
„Foam air ducts“
Twin-Sheet foam air ducts for commercial vehicles and automotive
for various customers
Cover of a gypsy winch


Outer covers for mobile cranes

Project scope

Development, construction and production of various covers for mobile cranes in Twin-Sheet and thermoforming technology


  • Wide variety with as few tools as possible
  • Use of new goods and recycling material

Highlight of the project

Connection of the Twin-Sheet parts is realised by means of sheet metal parts directly inserted during the forming process (no glueing for Twin-Sheet parts)

Range of services

Hombach constructed all components in accordance with customer requirements

The components are manufactured with the Twin-Sheet procedure as well as with negative vacuum deep-drawing. The single-sheet thermoformed components are in part also glued to form twin-sheet components, and sheet metal parts and fastenings are integrated.

All products and parts in our showroom represent a small part of our implemented projects. We will be pleased to check your projects for feasibility and economic efficiency free of charge at any time, or we can provide you with recommendations for suitable technologies.

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