Hombach expands its painting capacity by 50%

In May 2021, Hombach put its third large-scale paint booth with an attached drying oven into operation.
Related to this, our painting capacities not only increase by 50%, but the modern equipment enables both the processing of solvent-based as well as water-soluble coating systems. At the same time, the preparation for a expandability to a robotic painting system.

Hombach thus processes state-of-the-art structural / smooth lacquer and high-gloss coating systems for its customers, starting from number one to continuous series production in the highest quality.

Our know-how not only covers the painting of thermoforming and twin-sheet parts, but also the entire range of thermosets (e.B GRP, PUR) thermoplastics (injection casting, TSG, FDM 3D printing) and common metals (steel and aluminium) by means of wet coating.

Special effects, multi-colour parts and screen printing are our daily routine.

More about our surface finishing offer can be found HERE.