„S4 T-Star“
    Complete housing of an analysis device
    Bruker Nano
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    Aerial and signal housing for Easy.Gate
    „Helmo VUE“
    Cover of an industrial robot
    „rapifleX MALDI / timsTOF fleX“
    Twin-Sheet screen with lighting
    Bruker Daltonik
    „Ecodry Plus“
    Housing of a vacuum pump
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    „Nano Temper TychoNT.6“
    Complete housing for an analysis device
    Nano Temper

    rapifleX MALDI / timsTOF fleX

    Twin-Sheet screen with lighting

    Project scope

    Development and production of Twin-Sheet covers and opening elements incl. lighting elements


    • All-round geometrically defined component (Twin-Sheet)
    • Exclusive matt-silver coating (aluminium)
    • Delivery of the complete assembly incl mechanism and illumination

    Highlight of the project

    Integration of a narrow lighting element

    Range of services

    Hombach developed different cover components for the customer, which also function as opening mechanisms for the complete device. All components were created as 1:1 prototypes, before the final geometry was implemented in serial tools.

    The components are all designed as Twin-Sheet parts, to be able to support stability for the opening mechanism. After trimming, the components are coated with a matt silver paint, which gives them an anodised aluminium appearance.

    Within the scope of the component assembly carried out by Hombach, translucent PMMA windows and LED light strips are integrated in addition to the opening mechanisms.

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