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    Covers of a digital printer

    Project scope

    Development and construction and production of a 4-part Twin-Sheet cover for a digital printer.


    • Impact-resistant material
    • Colour and surface finish identical to adjacent metal covers
    • No painting

    Highlight of the project

    Integration of the fastening elements into the rear Twin-Sheet shell directly during the forming process. This renders any additional gluing and assembly work superfluous, and the component can be 100% recycled at the same time.

    Range of services

    Hombach supported the customer with the development through the various competencies in freeform surface construction.

    All 4 laterally mounted components are produced together on one tool. This maximises efficiency of the tools as well as the component costs.

    By integrating the connecting elements directly during forming of the Twin-Sheet parts, any subsequent assembly work is superfluous.

    This way, the components can be directly packaged after CNC trimming, as the coloured material in connection with the surface structure created in the tool also makes painting superfluous.

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