„Magnetom Vida“
    Complete cover solution of an MRI scanner
    Siemens Healthcare GmbH
    „ARTIS Pheno“
    Complete cover of a robot
    Siemens Healthcare GmbH
    „Somatom Force“
    Cover of a computer tomograph unit with lighting elements
    Siemens Healthcare GmbH
    „Sagi Nova“
    Cover of a therapy device
    „Somatom Definition Flash“
    Cover of a computer tomograph unit
    Siemens Healthcare GmbH
    „MAGNETOM Skyra FIT“
    Complete cover of an MRI scanner
    Siemens Healthcare GmbH
    „Magnetom Verio 3T“
    Complete cover solution of an MRI scanner
    Siemens Healthcare GmbH

    Magnetom Verio 3T

    Complete cover solution of an MRI scanner

    Style: “Colour tone – neutral”

    Project scope

    Complete system development and system delivery of the whole cover assembly.


    • Fire class rating in accordance with UL 94 V-0
    • High impact resistance
    • Glass-like green-translucent design effect
    • Remaining cover with two-coloured stripe design

    Highlights of the project

    • First complete system development of the whole cover assembly for an MRI scanner incl. complete substructure and connection to specified device interfaces (more than 600 single components).
    • Development of a translucent ABS material for the glass-like front cover together with our partner network.
    • Integration of the patient ventilation directly into the cover part using the Twin-Sheet procedure.

    Range of services

    Construction and development of all cover components and all connection and substructure components.

    Production of components using Twin-Sheet forming and thermoforming incl. multi-coloured painting.

    Sourcing and complete assembly of additional cover components made of GFK / RTM and all other components (electronics, metal parts, cables etc.).

    Just-in-time delivery directly to the customer’s assembly line with specially developed shuttle transport.

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