„S4 T-Star“
    Complete housing of an analysis device
    Bruker Nano
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    Aerial and signal housing for Easy.Gate
    „Helmo VUE“
    Cover of an industrial robot
    „rapifleX MALDI / timsTOF fleX“
    Twin-Sheet screen with lighting
    Bruker Daltonik
    „Ecodry Plus“
    Housing of a vacuum pump
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    „Nano Temper TychoNT.6“
    Complete housing for an analysis device
    Nano Temper


    Aerial and signal housing for Easy.Gate

    Project scope

    Together with the customer, Hombach developed the antenna housing and produces this using the Twin-Sheet procedure.


    • Extreme weather resistance of the external surfaces
    • Very high impact resistance
    • “Transparent” for antenna signals
    • Integration of a translucent “traffic light window”
    • No painting
    • Integration of the company logo with exchange function

    Highlights of the project

    The fastening elements are integrated without assembly directly into the rear shell during Twin-Sheet forming.

    Consequently, there is no assembly effort. This also makes the component fully recyclable, as no adhesives and no paint is used.

    Furthermore, for reasons of costs and environmental factors, the rear shell is produced from recycled material.

    Range of services

    Production of the antenna housing in one piece using the Twin-Sheet procedure.

    After the circumferential CNC trimming, the component is already complete, as the fastening elements are integrated directly during forming.

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