„Magnetom Vida“
    Complete cover solution of an MRI scanner
    Siemens Healthcare GmbH
    „ARTIS Pheno“
    Complete cover of a robot
    Siemens Healthcare GmbH
    „Crane cover“
    Outer covers for mobile cranes
    „S4 T-Star“
    Complete housing of an analysis device
    Bruker Nano
    „Toll Collect“
    Covers of Toll Collect terminals
    krauth technology GmbH
    „Foam air ducts“
    Twin-Sheet foam air ducts for commercial vehicles and automotive
    for various customers
    „Somatom Force“
    Cover of a computer tomograph unit with lighting elements
    Siemens Healthcare GmbH
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    Aerial and signal housing for Easy.Gate
    „Helmo VUE“
    Cover of an industrial robot
    „FE35, FE55 und FE75“
    High-end machine covers
    Fette Compacting GmbH
    Machine covers of a press brake
    Bystronic Maschinenbau GmbH
    „Sagi Nova“
    Cover of a therapy device
    Fette FE Terminal
    „Fette User Interface“
    Cover of a gypsy winch
    „Twin-Sheet pipe distributor“
    Pipe distributor for wastewater­treatment­plants
    Koch Membrane Systems
    „rapifleX MALDI / timsTOF fleX“
    Twin-Sheet screen with lighting
    Bruker Daltonik
    „Laser Autonom“
    Cover of a laser cutting machine
    Bystronic Laser AG
    „Ecodry Plus“
    Housing of a vacuum pump
    „Somatom Definition Flash“
    Cover of a computer tomograph unit
    Siemens Healthcare GmbH
    en text
    „Nano Temper TychoNT.6“
    Complete housing for an analysis device
    Nano Temper
    „User-Interface Terminal“
    Supporting structural component for the user interface terminal of corrugated paper plants
    BHS Corrugated
    „MAGNETOM Skyra FIT“
    Complete cover of an MRI scanner
    Siemens Healthcare GmbH
    Covers of a digital printer
    „Magnetom Verio 3T“
    Complete cover solution of an MRI scanner
    Siemens Healthcare GmbH
    „Heat exchanger“
    Heat exchanger
    „Development Air/air-heat exchanger“
    Development, prototyping as well as production setup of Twin-Sheet heat exchangers
    „180l Bioreactor“
    Algae cultivation reactor

    Air/air-heat exchanger

    Development, prototyping as well as production setup of Twin-Sheet heat exchangers

    Project scope

    Development, prototyping and setting up of a large series production for air/air heat exchangers in the Twin-Sheet procedure.


    • Process development for the Twin-Sheet procedure with 0.375 mm flame retardant foil
    • Production of prototypes
    • Design of a Twin-Sheet system for large series production (> 1 million units/year) directly at customer’s premises

    Highlight of the project

    Hombach realised the prototypes ready for series production within 4 weeks.

    Range of services

    • Process development
    • Prototyping as well as material tests
    • Consultation with regard to machine selection and design
    • Support for system setup
    • Tool creation for customer production
    • Training of the operating personnel on site

    All products and parts in our showroom represent a small part of our implemented projects. We will be pleased to check your projects for feasibility and economic efficiency free of charge at any time, or we can provide you with recommendations for suitable technologies.

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